The Northern Frontier Of A Mighty Empire That Once Covered The Known World

For around three centuries, Hadrian’s Wall was a vibrant, multi-cultured frontier sprawling almost 80 miles coast-to-coast. Built by a force of 15,000 men in under six years, it’s as astounding today for its sheer vision as it is for its engineering. Milecastles, barracks, ramparts and forts punctuate a diverse landscape that provides a dramatic backdrop.
Explore bath houses, turrets and shrines, visit galleries and museums and watch live excavations uncover fresh details of ancient Roman Britain. Hadrian’s Wall is a unique, must-see monument and a remarkable place to experience.
The Robin Hood Inn sits on the route of the famous Hadrian’s Wall walk, serving as an official checkpoint.
Aside from walking the wall, there are a number of attractions within a short drive of the inn. For comprehensive information about Hadrian’s Wall and it’s attractions visit the official Visit Hadrian’s Wall website.

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