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  1. J. Temple^I measured my head and followed the size chart. Based on the measurement&#44 I was worried that the hat would be too tight. It turned out to be too big. Returned it.~3|Hanso^I love this hat. Nice and solid construction. My only qualm is that the sizes are a bit off. I wear a 7 5/8 in new era and most other brands… But a 7 1/2 in this hat fits perfect.~5|rethomas^Size 7 5/8 fit as expected. This hat was way too tall/structured for me. Makes an already big head look even bigger.~4|robert^quality made hat~5|

  2. Kryptonite451^This fits perfectly on my Medium Dorfman Pacific hat&#44 which is sized 22″ – 22 3/8″&#44 and it looks snazzy. However&#44 I wouldn’t call this hat band “Stretchable” by any means; it’s a strip of cotton – it’s not a stretchy material. A smaller hat and it would be too loose. Too much bigger&#44 and it wouldn’t fit.You could go a little bigger&#44 but not much I don’t think.~4|Gerrard102^This was a terrible experience. I purchased this for a Halloween costume. it then arrived on the last possible day&#44 however it still came a couple days before the party. But when I opened the box&#44 what I found wasn’t a red hat band&#44 but instead a simple red baseball cap. I had to return the item&#44 and my costume missed this part since I lacked the time to receive another. Poor choice on my part.~3|Donna W. Burris^All 3 are the same so the problem I have is that the bands are a little too large and when I turn the hat upside down the band falls down/off.~4|Adreanna Harrell^STRETCHY FITS OVER AND EXISITNG BAND ON FEDORA HATS~5|Sam^Needed to replace an old one. Works great.~5|LV^As expected~4|Kathy Pemberton^Lookks wonderful.~5|Mary Jane Loudenburg^Great!~5|

  3. DB^love this had wore it in Iceland as saw nothing else like it ….. people asked where I got it …~5|dawn^although the largest size was a bit small for my teenaged son’s head i think it was a standard large for hats… the color was as represented in the picture as was the design and the fabric was of appropriate weight and good quality… additinally it was a last minute expedited purchase and the staff was great about seeing to it that it was in my hands by the time i required.. well done~5|bunnyrabbit4^Pros: The hat is really cute and keeps my hair up and out the way on a bad hair day. The brim appears to be a plastic insert which will keep its shape.I hand washed it and it did not bleed or lose its shape.Cons:It is made of paper thin suede cloth&#44 not suede and the corduroy is more of a thin wide wale knit. The cotton lining is so thin it doesn’t feel lined. I wore it out shopping on a cold day here (40 degrees). It kept the wind off my head and was not uncomfortably warm when I went into a store. However I wouldn’t recommend this hat as a way to keep warm in a cold climate. It is much more of a $10 hat than a $14 hat and really not worth what it costs plus shipping. Shame they don’t provide free shipping.~3|Carlos^Good quality but the hat was simply too small. The designs and such were great&#44 though. Nice sturdy material and the blue is great.~3|Jamie^I really like this hat. The patchwork is great! It’s a little warm for a summer hat but I am looking forward to Autumn to wear this regularly. It’s comfortably snug on me and my head is about 21.5 inch circ.~4|awisewoman^Couldn’t get it off grandson&#44 till bedtime~5|Toriana Blade^Great accessory for my Halloween costume! The colors are off&#44 but no one will care! ??~5|Amazon Customer^Not good as I expected in the picture.~3|L Belle^Very very cute! I purchased the camo print which resembles more of a vintage military camo as opposed to country camo (which I cannot stand!) I have a decently large head for a female and it fits great.~4|AngelS^Love it.~5|Tom^Cool hat&#44 nice fit.~5|Bud Crumpton^Great price for good hats!~5|no.one^Love it~5|Brian Tamblin.^Great hat. Just was as expected.~5|esther^cute hat&#44 love it~5|

  4. Christopher P.^I absolutely love this BUB and jersey set. It fits exactly as I would expect. I am 5’10” and weigh 180lbs (normal build)&#44 I ordered an “XL=US Large” and it fits perfectly.A couple additional notes:The cushion in the seat is curved/formed better than most of the other options I have ordered.The arms are snug but not too tight.My only complaint is that the mesh on the suspenders doesn’t look like it will hold out for a long time. I feel like I might have to replace them sooner than expected. That is all speculation&#44 but it was a concern.Overall love these!~5|W. Gipson^Like all my cycling clothes&#44 I order one size larger than my US size and that worked well this time too. Rode with these shorts for several days recently on 2+ hour rides and did not noticed them. In essence I was able to cycle and not be distracted by the bibs or shorts. That is my bottom line for cycling shorts. They were comfortable with an adequate amount of padding and no chafing. Good price and short-term quality. If they prove to not last as long as other brands I have used (Specialized&#44 Castelli&#44 Pearl Izumi&#44 Sugoi)&#44 then I’ll add an addendum.But right out of the wrapper&#44 I give them a thumbs up.~5|Clay^I have used this for several rides now&#44 both in fairly warm weather (80-ish degrees Fahrenheit) and milder temps (68-ish). It fits really well and everything stays in place thanks to the bib. Very effective at wicking away moisture. Also&#44 I think it looks pretty awesome&#44 so that’s another selling point if you’re worried about those kinds of things. Would highly recommend.~5|DDeigan^I would buy this product again. Contrasting grey/black on white is highly visible (for safety) and reduces solar heat load (dark colors absorb suns radiation). Excellent padding system in bibs with shoulder straps that join below the neck so things stay in place. I use these bib shorts with a number of other cycling jerseys because I just like the “ride”. Best deal I’ve found this summer. The price point makes this a must-buy. I recommend it.~5|D. Owen^I usually wear large shorts&#44 which fit well and a large jersey which generally fits slightly loose. I ordered XL based on others’ recommendations and both shorts and jersey are snug. The leg bands were a bit snug on the first ride but after a couple rides and washes have gotten more stretchy and the bib shorts are quite comfortable and the chamois is better than the chamois in my Canari shorts. The jersey was quite snug on the first ride&#44 but not restricting. And like the shorts&#44 it is more comfortable after a couple of rides and a couple washes. I hang them up to dry and they dry out quite quickly. The zipper on the jersey is on the wrong side&#44 though. Of course&#44 you can’t tell when you are wearing it. I do 20-35 mile rides wearing these with no issues.~4|Kent^After reading the other reviews about this jersey and bib set&#44 I needed to figure out what size I should order. I am 6’3″ and 225 lbs and my Pearl Izumi bibs are an XL. I chose the 3XL size that said it equaled US XXL. The bibs and jersey fit perfect. I have also ordered another brand of bib that was similar in sizing to these. With those bibs&#44 the padding in the seat was sewn in the wrong position – too far forward. The padding in this bib is very nice and sewn in the correct place. I plan on ordering some other Sponeed clothing as well.~5|Antonino^Love the bibs and jersey. Bibs are quite comfortable seeing as how thin the chamois seems to be. The jersey is all polyester&#44 and is quite comfortable as well.. I wash my cycling stuff in a mesh bag: throw them in the washing machine and dryer with no problems.~5|John Christy^This is my favorite kit i have been able to purchase from Amazon. Follow the sizing guide and you will be fine.~5|Kendall^Good quality and I would buy again. The only thing is that I am 6′ 4” 205lbs. and need the shorts to be XXL (US XL) but the XXL jersey is too big for me so I need an XL (US L) jersey and they do not sell these seperately. The seller was able to work with me to get me the correct sizes though. I am very satisfied with this&#44~5|Cisco^The bib pants feel good. The shirt is to tight around my biceps. The over all quality is good. The only thing I hate is that I bought these when I was a rookie rider. Now I feel like a cornball wearing the shirt. I now prefer plain unbranded shirts.~4|

  5. Joycelyn Sweeney^It arrived very late and seller kept promising it would be here next Wednesday every week. It did arrive and is very wide and way too short. It doesn’t even reach my husband’s waist. We’re donating it to the local shelter. It’s also cheap and will no doubt shrink even more when washed. It would make a halter top! Don’t waste your money.~3|Amazon Customer^The decal was horrible&#44 extremely faded and cheap. Do not waste your money.~3|Claudette DuCasse^Bought as a Christmas gift for my son who has a collection of cat tshirt. He really likes it~5|Diana Schneider^Not as shown. Picture on front very faded. Not happy with it. Contracted seller 5 days ago. Never heard from him.~3|Amazon Customer^Good product nice print and good help when needed easy????????????~5|Michael J. Cahill^Cute shirt!!!~5|Amy Mockobee^my son loves it~5|

  6. K. Wilks^Second time ordering this shirt. First time&#44 a completely different shirt arrived&#44 and I was a bit disappointed&#44 but it’s He-Man&#44 so not all bad. Material was grey&#44 not at all like the picture&#44 and silk screen print was terrible. My wife ended up using it to sleep in. The one that just arrived is exactly what I was expecting the first time. I added a picture as proof.~5|Clyde^Awesome vintage-style T-shirt. Fits perfectly and was delivered fast. Very happy.~5|Kindle Customer^Bought this for my husband who loves most 80’s stuff. He says this shirt is a little bigger than expected (but in a compfortable way)&#44 looks vintage and is a thick&#44 quality t-shirt. He gets compliments on it every time we go out (who knew there were so many He-Man fans in 2016!?!)~5|J. Thurman^This fits well and is a medium soft material. I’m a softness snob because thick&#44 heavy shirts tend to be itchy for me&#44 but this isn’t too bad. The gray has a hint of a blue tint to it rather than a neutral charcoal like in the photo.~5|Carl F. Marquez^Was hoping for a larger fit but LOVE the shirt very much. Thank you for shipping so quickly&#44 I get a ton of complements when I am out.~4|Mr. Kolander^Fits great and hasn’t shrunk. I don’t use a dryer for my T-Shirts as it lets the T-Shirts last longer&#44 so this has not lost shape or color and I’ve had it for several months now.~5|Daniel^It’s pretty swell.I got this for Dad’s Day and it’s a beaut. A beaut!~5|Karen Garcia^Awesome shirt&#44 went to a birthday party with my son and all the other dads complimented me.~5|Kim Fuller^Super soft material. I’d like to say that it is like any other tee&#44 but its powerful ability to take you back to a Saturday morning&#44 decades passed&#44 is nothing less than heroic!Sadly&#44 it also balances the forces of the Universe by reminding you off all the character costumes your parents never bought for you.Good news&#44 is though that you are likely an adult now&#44 and you can buy whatever makes you happiest~5|V. Roberts^Perfect. Fits as expected. Looks exactly like the photo. I would recommend.~5|

  7. macnic^My husband really likes the black color and the bright logo. He has been thanked many times for his service. He also has gotten discounts when he has his hat on!~5|Ralph Strickland^Good quality&#44 all cloth construction – expect it to last much longer than the last one.~5|John T. D'Alessandro^Good looking hat at good price.~5|donb002^Thank you for fast delivery. It came in time for me to go on Honor Flight to Washington D.C. to visit all the war memorials with 100 other veterans of World War II&#44 Korea&#44 and Vietnam.~5|Bill Pitt^Well made hat.~5|

  8. Amazon Customer^Poor quality hat and State of NJ patch was sewn on crooked and mis-centered. Would not recommend.~3|N. P. Grande^Nice product&#44 perfect for warm weather.~5|Amazon Customer^great item~5|pickures^this is my Fight Breast Cancer hat. I bought it to wear to chemo&#44 having breast cancer&#44 I lost my hair&#44 and this hat [along with many others from Amazon]&#44 gave me a hint of hope. Never been a hat person&#44 now that’s all I wear&#44 but I will continue to wear them even after my hair grows back. I love the style of the Newsboy caps because they are flat in the back and you can lean back in the car with them without them popping off&#44 plus because they are higher on top&#44 your head stays cooler longer&#44 as any chemo patient knows&#44 chemo seems to pour through your scalp even after it has taken all your hair. the small brim on the hat is cute and serves the purpose of covering your eyes&#44 which are now super sensitive to sun.~5|Pauline^I haven’t had a chance to wear this yet&#44 it arrived as wintry weather was returning&#44 but I expect to. It’s moderately cute and it has a good bill to keep sun and rain out of my face. But it’s too small. I had to perform scissor surgery – remove the elastic – to get it to fit comfortably. Tight hats quickly give me a headache. I checked before I ordered&#44 the description said my 23 1/2 inch head would barely fit&#44 but the elastic made it way too tight. With the elastic gone some raw edges were exposed so I had to do some sewing to hide them. I’m leeryy of one-size-fits-most hats&#44 so that’s why I was checking.Two minor cons: The pink is not the slightly salmony tint that I love and thought the hat vwould be. It’s straight up pink. Hooray that it does not tend toward orchid. Also&#44 with the tall flat front I would call this a painters cap not a newsboy cap.If I’d seen this in a store&#44 I would not have bought it&#44 but my objections are mostly personal opinion&#44 and I learned long ago that one size fits most doesn’t apply to me. I did have hopes though.~3|SUE COLE^My Donald Trump protest hat!(pink). It’s doing the job and people get it. Goal mrt~5|Ginnie L. Olson^I love this cap&#44 its so cute and it is very comfortable&#44 its like a jean type of material&#44I was surprised by the material it looked more like a knit hat&#44 but i’m happy with it anyways because it stays on very well and I think its adorable!~5|cfp123^This hat is a good hat. I have a daughter with autism who became obsessed with one hat. I searched everywhere for the right hat to take its place. This was it. The hat holds up really well. It does stain and the color fades after multiple washed but I doubt any one else buying it will give it as much wear and tear as we do. Best thing for me I just order new ones when the others look bad.~4|Bitterauldqueen^It was prettier than the picture and with prime I got it in two days. I am very happy with this cap especially on bad hair days and I have to go out.~5|DallasCatWoman^Love the hat! But is does run a bit to the small size.~4|Candid^This is a good&#44 well fitting&#44 product that has good color&#44 cleans well&#44 and holds up well. I get lots of compliments on it. It compliments greys&#44 blues&#44 whites&#44 and the color is strong enough to do very well with blacks also. I’ve worn it from shopping to going to the movies.~4|amazonreview^Good chemo hat as it sits low in back. Has elastic on back for snug fit. Nice color&#44 fabric&#44 price and quality. Top hat part is a bit baggy&#44 odd looking to me personally. Would like to see with smaller visor.~3|TRISHA^COOL hat&#44 but I had to cut the back where the elastic is&#44 to give me just a TAD more loosening&#44 due to migraines. NOW I can where it all day.~4|

  9. MSB19^Bought this for my son who seems to live to fish. I think its the other way around myself fishing seems to keep him alive if you know what I mean. Anyway he likes the shirt and it fit as expected. Every year we buy him some funny fishing item and he liked this one&#44 especially since it is a funny gift that is also practical meaning he can use it unlike some of the other funny gifts we have purchased in the past. The funny thing to me is that he has not even seen one of the movies in the series&#44 but of course knows the reference.~5|Susan^This was purchased as a Christmas gift for a fishing enthusiast. It fits as expected and the color is a bit darker than in the photo.~5|Andrea Meyer^Got this shirt for my dad&#44 and I think he is going to love it! I was a bit worried that the XL would fit more like a large – just because you never know with these kinds of shirts. Sure enough&#44 though&#44 it’s a true XL (and may even be a tad bit larger than XL&#44 but nothing major). The quality and material of the shirt and screen print are great – it makes for a good gift. Not sure how it will do after washing and drying&#44 but so far&#44 so good!~5|Mominator^Not US company&#44 got suckered on this and the sizing for a Adult medium might fit an 8 year old. Waste of money. Re-ordered from a reputable US business.~3|Evelyn James^I got this for my dad for Christmas and he loves it. It fits very wide&#44 however.~3|Troy^It was a Christmas gift and he seemed quit amused and happy with the shirt.~5|A Hotchkiss^Giving as a gift so I am not sure how he will feel about it.~5|Frankie^Fun~5|

  10. Bill Gehring^I was looking for a first layer for aerobic winter sports but didn’t want to pay $30 or more. This shirt fits the bill. I normally take a large&#44 but ordered an extra large to insure that it would stay tucked in. It is a great deal for the price. It should be noted that the fabric is quite stretchy&#44 which is fine by me. Liked it enough to order two more. They’ve been washed several times and are holding up well so far. No special treatment.~5|lmark5^My hubby is a big guy&#44 always an XXL. This fits like all the other shirts of similar material. I wish it was a tad longer but for this purpose (beach&#44 kayaking) it’s fine. I HAD to have one with the UPF 50+ and this fit the bill. Soft&#44 comfortable and he feels protected. Shipped ridiculously fast and very well packaged. I wasn’t worried about the no returns because pretty much all XXLs fit him.~5|Xavier T. Guillaume^I bought this shirt because I just started doing hot yoga. The fit is really good. The quality is good. My favorite part is that the shirt sucks up all my torso’s sweat&#44 so it’s not dripping all over my yoga mat. When I get home I hang it up right away&#44 and I think it’s designed to dry well because it’s not stinky as long as I hang it. My only problem with this shirt is that when I am doing a yoga stretch where my head is bent down&#44 the weight of the shirt falls onto my face. So I’m like holding this pose&#44 with this wet sweaty shirt stuck to my face&#44 and I have to like lift one of my hands to hold it off my face. That’s the only downside. I don’t know if I got a smaller size if that would stop happening. If anyone has any experience with this and if buying a smaller size helps&#44 please let me know. Great shirt! Will definitely buy more eventually.~4|Josh^Great Shirts. I bought these in a rush to prepare for a backpacking trip to Spain. I’m usually hesitant to buy clothes online&#44 because I find that the fit is hard to guess at. I’m especially cautious when it comes to material that isn’t cotton&#44 because it’s especially unflattering when the fit is poor. These shirts totally delivered: the material is very light&#44 water wicking and seems to be good quality. The fit is perfect&#44 they’re neither a torso skirt nor a walking tent. I’m very pleased with my purchase&#44 and might order a few more for the gym.~5|Amazon Customer^These are shirts to wear when working outside in the sun; I own a landscaping business and these shirts are the Best I’ve come across:-)~5|Sandra B.^I ordered this shirt in the light grey. Was impressed with the quality of construction and the feel of the material. It is just the type of garment to wear in this oppressive heat with the extremely high humidity. The fact that is does wick away moisture and also protects from the sun makes it the go to tee for all summer activities! Would highly recommend! I received this shirt in exchange for an honest review.~5|Saltydog46^Great feel&#44 perfect fit&#44 good looking and sun block! Got two short sleeve&#44 gonna get more.~5|Kshira^You will be very satisfied with this shirt~5|Rob ?^This shirt feels great&#44 it’s like a loose-ish compression shirt. Perfect for my Yoga.~5|Alan Hammerand^I purchased three of these shirts just before a trip to Bali. I wore them every day in humid 90 degree weather. They worked great. They were comfortable and the sun protection was fantastic. They were also easy to hand wash and dried quickly. They even served as a rash guard during a couple ocean swims. Very pleased with my purchase~5|

  11. J. Buckley^On average I ride about 400 miles per month&#44 not a lot&#44 but enough to give accurate feedback on this bib. I am 6′ 1″ and about 210 lbs; the XL fit me nicely. The chamois is foam&#44 and of decent quality&#44 no issues with quality so far. After riding several 20 – 40 mile rides I can say this about these shorts. The chamois is good for an hour&#44 okay&#44 for 2 hours&#44 but after about 2 and 1/2 hours it starts to become uncomfortable compared to some other chamois that I have used. That isn’t to say that it’s not worth the price&#44 in fact&#44 I think it is very worth the price as long as it’s understood that for a guy with my size&#44 2 hours in the saddle is what I’ll play for when I wear this bib. Good value.~4|John M. Parker^Excellent fit. I’m 5’9″ 175 lbs and purchased an Asian Large = Medium U.S. The padding is very well made. Rode only 24 miles and they stayed put. Will definitely purchase another pair.~5|M. Fleming^These aren’t a cushioned or as comfortable as the $160 pair of bibs that I bought at the local bike store&#44 but the value for the dollar is great. I have no complaints considering the price tag.As other reviewers have said&#44 these run very small. I am a 5’5″ 135 lb female&#44 and I fit nicely into the men’s size large.~5|Brian^Terrible… Where should I start. First when you open the package&#44 you may faint at the chemical smell. I thought a wash might take that out. Nope&#44 still there. These are made for someone who has an enormous chest and short legs.I took them for a “test ride” and they do not breathe. Wrap yourself in garbage bags and you’ll get the same results.I NEVER write reviews&#44 but this one needed to be penned.~3|xorstarx^I bought a lot of highly prized and high quality bibs since I bike about 330 days a year. I thought I would give those bibs a shot and I’m using those for about 60 miles/weekly. It’s the perfect fit and cut&#44(I’m a size M so I ordered them in size L) the material doesn’t give me the sweaty feeling after training + I can ride for a long time without my butt hurting :)~5|John Wikman^Overall great product. Make sure you pay attention that this is Asian sizes&#44 so order up at least one size. I normally wear US-L in pretty much everything&#44 and the XL fits like a glove.~5|John J.^I came back to riding 20 years ago. I have been wearing various brands of padded shorts and never been completly happy with any of them. Being a heavy rider&#44 I always attributed the chafing and soreness to my weight. The Sponeed shorts have proven that my thinking has been wrong. The padding is thick enough and placed in just the right spot to prevent all of the soreness I had been experencing. I would highly recommend these to any riding friends.~5|Carla Sellner^My favorite cycle outfit by far!! Very comfortable. Made well. I get compliments all the time on this. Fits perfect. I’m 5’4″- 145lbs I ordered a large.~5|Rick Etter^Padding fits perfectly allowing for proper wear. Very nicely made.~5|James G Putnam^For the price&#44 can not do better than this gear. Comfy&#44 fits right&#44 and looks very cool. I’m very happy with it.~5|

  12. Bill K.^With the flag hat craze in full swing I decided to go for one with just the great seal of florida instead of another hat with the entire flag. In Florida hats get ruined by sweat pretty quick so the price point made this hat very appealing. Fits good&#44 more like a high crown trucker.~5|Andy^Hat fits nicely and very comfortable! Not to mention looks great and showing Florida pride!~5|Lobotomy-Denied^Quality baseball cap! The patch is stiched on very well.~5|Daniel Scott^Love it so far. Has a nice bend to the bill.~4|Amazon Customer^Love it very cool great fit.~4|Joe Forker^’Merica~5|Antwan Jackson^GREAT BUY! very happy with this piece of merchandise~5|

  13. Clyde^This T-shirt was delivered very fast. I think it’s a bit darker than pictured&#44 and the ‘wolf’ splash design is slightly different to the one pictured. However&#44 there is nothing here to detract from how comfortable and well fitting this T-shirt is. So all in all I’m happy :)~4|I. Liriano^Great fit&#44 great color&#44 and it is a very soft cotton.~5|Meera Persad^the bright red color did not exist&#44 very disappointing.Do not buy this waste of time and effort I expected better from amazon to be selling this rubbish~3|Amazon Customer^Size was a bit small but still fit. The picture on the shirt was faded and not centered. I wouldn’t buy it again. But the quality of the shirt was good.~3|Leonardo Gomez^Looks great! The gray is a little darker than in the picture but it still looks good.~5|K. Mills^Bought as a gift for my husband. He loves it and wears it all the time.~5|Kevin T.^Love it! Great quality and true to size.~5|Mario Penate^Fit as expected~5|Kiera Teall^Good quality shirt nice and soft~5|Margo Hamann^The design was nice&#44 but for a large&#44 it was WAY too short. Not sure the person receiving it is going to be happy with it.~3|

  14. Melissa^Super cute shirt. Just as pictured. My daughter loves it!~5|Mbmz^The shirt is super cute but runs small. If you like your shirt to fit loose order 2 sizes bigger.~3|Amazon Customer^Cute but doesn’t fit so will give to a child~3|Amazon Customer^Loved the shirt super comfy~4|Chizoba Iwuorie^I order a yellow shirt&#44 but my order came pale yellow…..very disappointing. I wear a small in women&#44 and order a medium in juniors (shirt fits perfectly).The family had a blast at my son’s b-day party even though my husband and I shirts were a different yellow from our son.~4|purplegiraffe17^The shirt fits true to size and is the same color as in the picture. The shirt is the longer style.~5|

  15. Glenn^The XL is a Chinese XL. I am now ordering the 2XL and will see if it fit. thanks~4|Florida Horse Girl^Made well at a great price. Washes great and does not fade or peel. My new favorite weekend shirt. It is also true to size. Go Navy!!~5|JIM DAVIS^to small and very cheap quality~3|Amazon Customer^Usually take a size medium. Last shirt I ordered I had to return fortunately I ordered a large fit okay.~4|Amazon Customer^just as showed &#44 great look to represent naval service &#44 good fit~5|sleeplessinno^my brother loved it!!!!~5|Mario N.^It looks good~5|Ronnie Johnson^The shirt was excellent. Thank You~5|Richard k Metz^this navy t-shirt is awsome i love it & that & i’m a hardcore navy fan i love the us navy now i can show my pride by wear’n the t-shirt~5|jenifer Le^Perfect.~5|

  16. Serenity21^We bought this gift as a birthday present for a big Game of Thrones fan. He has almost every shirt known to man so it’s pretty difficult finding him shirts for that reason plus the fact that he wears a 3x. But we found one&#44 it was great quality&#44 fits true to size. Love it!~5|Khan^It’s kinda smaller to American size&#44so I recommend buying 1 size bigger!Also it is very thin and washing machine just after second wash started to tear it apart!Not really happy with this product(guess cause it’s made in Bangladesh thus poor quality).~3|Yviersiv^I expect a smaller one but anyways thanks to the product. Its a thin shirt.Very ordinary maybe 4 or 6 was already ruin.~3|JGCT-Rex^Holy crap i had never seen a shirt running sooo small im large and i decided to get it 2xl since i saw some review telling me to order one size bigger 2 sizes bigger and still small fast delivery tho and the shirt looks great.~3|Cory Laboy^cheap Product and size of shirts wrong Its labeled a XXL but its a L~3|Lisa Rozzelle^I ordered a 3x to account for the shrinkage and that was still small. The material is very thin&#44 The Tshirt is not of a good quality. The sigils are smaller than the picture. Not worth returning.~3|Taresa A Howells^Perfect~5|sabre52^Skimpy cut&#44 narrower in body than my other 2XLs&#44 and thinner material than a lot of tees. Washed cold and dried on low and it shrunk about three inches which seems typical for this type of tee. Neck is cut a little strange too and kind of sags in back. Like the design on the front though.~3|SEP^Shirt looks good&#44 but the 3X was not a 3X. I held it up to other shirts that size and it is significantly smaller. Still trying to get my money back.~4|Amazon Customer^A+~5|

  17. marcus^Looks great&#44 but fits head a little too snug~4|Izzy^Hat was to small for me but it fits my girlfriend perfectly so all in all pleased with my purchase.~4|Amazon Customer^I’m very pleased with my new hat and get compliments on it.~5|Wendy Foster^Too cute!~5|Ruth Edwards^Fast service&#44 great merchandise! Thanks!~5|Joseph Cohen^too small~3|lapeno brown^Nice prompt delivery & nice item!~5|Derek Rutherford^Looks very much like its picture.~4|

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